July 19, 2012

Fish and chips….check

Boston harbour…check

Boston lager…….check

beers at Cheers…check

Clam chowder….check

Salem cemetery ..check



July 15, 2012

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Mike and I had a whirl wind 26 hours in the big apple. We secured the cheapest accommodations in Manhattan ever found, $41 for 24 hour parking! lol We did a little sightseeing in Times Square and Wall street. Times square is packed with people all day and all night long. It is a sensory overload looking at all the colors and advertisements. Wall street was boring but taking the metro was interesting. We got lost once but quickly figured out where we went wrong. People watching on the subway is also a fun pastime. Lots of crazies in NYC. Central park was beautiful. Green space that is surrounded by mega sky scrapers is very ironic. We got to eat some awesome pizza and deli fresh sandwiches, twice. We liked the deli so much we went back the next morning to eat some more. The best part was when Mike won Broadway tickets! Only having one night to see a show, we were concerned we would not get tickets or be able to afford the show we wanted. The show we wanted to see was Wicked. “Wicked” is the Broadway musical that is the prequel to The Wizard of Oz. The tickets left the the night show cost $150. Our one shot was a lottery that they hold every day to win a set of tickets. We lined up at 5:30 and put in our names. They only draw 13 sets of tickets and there was at least 300 people waiting, so we were not holding our breath. Sure enough at 6:00 the man pulled the names and Mike was the second picked! YES! We won front row, $250 tickets for $26!  The show was incredible. The costumes and set were so interesting and fun. Despite being a show suitable for kids, it was really witty and funny for adults too! We tied one on wandering around after the show and headed back to our luxury parkade accommodations for the night. We got our snap shots of the statue of liberty and cruised over a couple famous bridges, JFK and under the Lincoln Tunnel. The city is absolutely huge. We drove through New Jersey on the way in and the Bronx and Brooklyn on the way out. NYC is so much fun and has so much to do but bring your patience for lots of crowds and your Visa gold card! lol I heart New York!


July 13, 2012

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Driving through Northern Georgia was beautiful. The cooler weather was a nice treat after a heat wave further South. Our destination was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Everyone has heard of this wicked beach and the there is also rumored to be some good shopping here too! Unfortunately for us all the State parks were full and we were out of luck for a place to stay. We enjoyed a beautiful day on Huntington Beach, further south than Myrtle, made a nice salmon dinner and made our way to a pub, to watch the big UFC fight. Silva kept the title, of course, and we got a little tipsy on $3 craft beer. Peach beer is delicious! It was a short crawl to the parking lot where we called home for the night in the back of the Cruiser! A couple of outlet malls later and we were on out way to North Carolina. Read the rest of this entry »

JD anyone?

July 11, 2012

It’s not everyday that you are passing through the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Mike convinced me that we should go see the famous Jack Daniel’s distillery, despite the fact that neither of us can stand the taste of it! lol It turned out to be a very cool place with alot of interesting history. It is located in a quant town on a river surrounded by old oak trees and rolling hills. We left the distillery very impressed and wanting to take up the habit of sipping JD! Did you know…..

Jack Daniel started making whiskey when he was 13.

Jack Daniel bought the entire hollow where he got fresh spring water for his whiskey.

Lynchburg Tennessee is the only place in the world JD is made.

His whiskey is the only one in the world that is made in hand crafted oak barrels, on site, which are only used once! (they are then sold to other distillery’s).

Jack Daniel was only 5’3.

He was an eligeable bachelor his whole life and died young at age 61, from a foot infection after kicking his safe.

Ironically, the Moore county surrounding Lynchburg has been “dry” since prohibition in 1909. Only in the last ten years has a law been passed allowing Jack Daniel’s to be sold in it’s backyard! Moore county remains dry today, no beers for us!

Production stopped in 1910 but Lem Motlow, Jack’s nephew kept the dream alive. He reopened the distillery in 1938 at age 69, after prohibition had been lifted.

Jack Daniel’s never told anyone where the name “Old No 7” came from.


Birthplace of Music

July 7, 2012

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Our tour continued through the birthplace of music, Tennessee. We checked out iconic city of Memphis and Beale Street. The music was incredible and we caught a great piano band. We brought Elvis by Graceland but were too cheap to go in! lol 35 bucks each, ah I’m not that big of an Elvis fan!

The forth of July was coming up so we headed to Nashville. There were thousands of people out for the festivities and the live music was great. We had a delicious cheese fondue and watched the most over the top and incredible firework show of our lives. I’m pretty sure they use more fireworks in one city in the U.S then we do in the entire country! lol The only down side was being showered in debris from the fireworks and getting some in our eyes! Ouch! Afterwords we were treated to a USA chant and a mob of drunk people trying to move out of the area.

We caught another great band playing classics like Johnny Cash. They had a great singer and even a cello. Overall Tennessee was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who loves music. Its not all country music either!

New Orrrleans

July 5, 2012

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Welcome to the South! Louisiana is our new favorite state. The bayou is a very beautiful, creepy and unique place. It is incredible how trees can live submerged in the water all the time. There is a wonderful variety of birds here, even flamingos! The bayou is alive! It is quite a sight to see the mist coming off the water, trees overhanging with moss and dark water containing crocodiles! We did not get to see any alligators or crocs, other than the few that had tried to cross the road (they didn’t make it).

New Orleans is a cool city. So much history, legends, culture, music and food, something for everyone. I personally like all the creepy vampire folklore. Lame I know. lol Learning more about the civil war, cotton plantations and slavery was very interesting. The black culture here has certainly been influenced by their dramatic history. We struggled to understand the english (if you can call it that). They do not pronounciate, so all the words are smushed together and sloppy. Combine that with our rusty english and we were worse off then in Mexico! lol Read the rest of this entry »

Mexico bound….

September 20, 2011

Well it’s time to get serious about entering Mexico after relaxing for 4 days watching the Hurley Pro Surf Comp. We got a chance to see some action but the waves were not at their best. Too bad we can’t stick around to see the finals but we are long over due to cross the border.

We are about an hour away from the Tijuana crossing but need to get prepared before we get onto the Baja. Next up we will be installing a kill switch under the dash of the cruiser. Then we will be fixing our AC (finally), which will be much needed in the dessert. We also need to hit a scuba and surf store along with any other supplies that will make our 1000 +km journey more comfortable.

We will give you an update on our crossing in a few days..



So Cal…

September 19, 2011

Around the bend, and over the hill we go on the #1, then BAM…Palm trees, sun, peeps hangin out on the beaches, and surfers catchin gnarly waves…welcome to Southern California!! We left Northern California in somewhat of a flash, as we caught wind of an upcoming surf competition at the ‘Lower Trestles’ of San Onofre State Beach just South of L.A. We did, however, get the pleasure of stopping at a couple sweet Surf Shops before leaving, one of them being Mavericks. We just happened to stop at this iconic spot in Halfmoon Bay, CA for breakfast. Our server spoke about it as if everyone knew of Mavericks, so we were inspired to check it out. On our walk to the beach, we kept saying it sounded familiar, but neither of us could place it. Then we saw a memorial stone that read ‘FOO’, and it hit us both at the same time…We watched a surf movie a year ago, or so, and were recently recounting it, but couldn’t remember the name. Turns out the movie is called, ‘Riding Giants’, and part of the movie is filmed there. The movie speaks of it’s origins, and sadly of a famous surfer Mark Foo, who lost his life in Mavericks’ waves.

This weekend we are camping at San Onofre State Beach, and we are gonna catch the Hurley Pro 2011 surf comp live, and in person!! Earlier today we were checking out the beach where all the action is gonna take place, and we had the opportunity to watch some pros practicing. I’m sure we’ll end up with surf gear by the time we leave So-Cal!

Cheers from ‘Bucks’ in San Clemente


San Francisco

September 18, 2011

We have attempted to dump our California pictures onto flickr twice now, to no avail. Poor internet connections and thinning patience have made it a real struggle. For now here are some highlights of our time in San Fran! What a charming city and iconic bridge!

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We did our duty as tourists and took a trolley car up the hilly streets of old San Fran. We spent the day walking the streets checking out the Victorian architecture and getting a calf workout. Pier 39 was pretty cool but also a tourist trap. By the time we made it to the Golden Gate Bridge, it was engulfed in fog. It was eerie to walk over the enormous bridge and not be able to see 10 ft in front of you! Michael was hoping for an earth quake so he could say he was on the Golden Gate and survived. 

Pass the shovel…again

September 7, 2011

As a boy I used to watch ‘BayWatch’, and besides the scenes with CJ Parker frolicking in the sand, I was stoked every time they ripped around the beach in their trucks. I’m excited to report that over the last couple days, I got to live out one of my childhood dreams of cruisin’ the beach, woot woot! Unbeknownst to me, Oregon sports some of the sweetest Sand Dunes, and they run along the beach of the Pacific Ocean for miles.

Sunday afternoon we set up camp at Jessie M Honeyman State park just outside of Florence, Oregon. Shortly after that we went for a hike out to the Dunes. We set our sites on the peak of a nearby dune and weaved through some tall grass and underbrush. As the trail narrowed and started darting off in every direction, I couldn’t help but think, man, this looks like ideal habitat for rattlesnakes. Here we are in shorts and flipflops…couple of stupid touristas. Thankfully, we remain venom free, and our peak provided a prime vantage point for us to watch ATV’s, Jeeps, trucks, and SUV’s launch rooster tails of sand. I was lovin every minute of it, and wanted a piece of the action in the worst way!

Monday morning we packed up camp and went into Florence to gather everything necessary for our sand packed adventure, then we hit the trails. To avoid a rookie mistake (one I made in the past), we threw ‘Elvis’ into 4wd before we hit the sand to make sure it was working. It didn’t work. For some reason, it wouldn’t engage into 4wd. After driving up and down the road for an hour trying to engage the 4wd, I decided to pull out the tool kit. I tooled around the front end for hours with the help of my trusty sidekick (thanks babe), before we got it going. Now it was 6:45 pm, and the plan of driving down the beach to the next campground looked daunting. We decided to just go for a quick jaunt on the beach and camp at the same campground for the night, then revert back to plan A tomorrow (the beauty of not having a schedule;). We made it to the beach after dumping some air out of the tires. Yee Haw, we were having a swell time until we had to maneuver around a beached Sea Lion.  Read the rest of this entry »