Chillin in Chile

May 16, 2012

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Mike and I decided to detour into Chile but only spend one week on our way back to Peru. After one look at our bank account we knew we couldn’t hang around for any longer then that. Chile is the most developed and organized country in South America. We noticed a difference right away with how friendly the Chileans were compared to the Bolivians. Our first night was spent in San Pedro Atacama, an Oasis surrounded by mountains. This place was pretty uneventful other then the horrible dust storm that rolled in just as we did. Bandanas over face, we hustled through town looking for food and shelter. The sand literally hurt when it blew up. After a couple showers we got all the sand out of our nose and ears and headed to the coast!

We rolled into Iquique and boy was it nice to see the ocean again. Our hostel was across the street from the beach and the weather was hot and sunny, what more could one ask for. We met some cool cats at our hostel, Friederike, Sofie and Farris, to hang out at the beach with.

One of our worst and best days on the beach began with hearing a street dog get hit by a passing car. We watched him as he instinctively ran into the ocean in front of us. Initially some people tried to help him, including the motorist but he was scared and growling at everyone who came within five feet of him. We could see his hip was hurt and his front arm was completely broken. It was horrible watching him and equally horrible watching other people enjoying the beach and ignoring this suffering animal. The ordeal went on for hours as we asked around for numbers to vets or shelters that could help. He sat in the surf for a couple hours and we could see he was freezing. Some locals near us worked up the courage to approach him, pick him up in a towel and move him out of the surf onto the sand. The dog was exhausted and finally let us approach him and pet him. We sat with him and comforted him but I knew in my heart this would not be ending well. Read the rest of this entry »