Winter at Wiegele’s

February 25, 2014

Soooooo the patience and determination finally payed off and Michael and I have made it out in the helicopter. There is a few staff days a season but if you don’t want to wait you can try your luck at the “stump”. The stump is a meeting place in the morning where you can gear up and try to get on the heli. Most days there is a large crew of ski starved staff members there also waiting which makes the chances low, but if you don’t try you will never know.  If there are seats available and your number is up you get to ride! The stump shows you what you are made of and can be an emotional roller-coaster. We have a saying at MW, “there are no friends at the stump”. I have never seen so many people get cut throat when they don’t get to ride, myself included! There have been days when I watch Mike get up and I have to go home and vise versa. 1014348_10151930342576297_1262164699_n


This is a typical pick up point after a run. Sometimes the chopper is waiting for you but other times it lands right beside you. It is pretty crazy to try to withstand the blast of snow/air as you try not to look away from the chopper as it lands. I have a system now where I hold my breath because it hurts to breath the cold air! mw3

Larry and me at the top of the world! mw4

Chopper passing overhead to beat us to the meeting spotmw5 mw6

Mike and I have had the luck to get up three times together in the heli. All three days have been unforgettable yet totally different. mw7

Staff days are the best because you get to ride with your besties! mw8 mw9

Looking out the front window. Some of the pilots are real cowboys and like to drop the chopper so you get butterflies as you are taking off the mountain! mw10

Mike and Larry fighting over lines!mw11 mw12

Regular dinner servicemw13 mw14

New Years Eve ice-sculpture. mw15 shreddin

This is my one shot from an epic first day into the Monashee’s. The conditions were so stable we were able to do some glacier runs that hadn’t been touched in over ten years! DSCF9582

Playing some ice hockey for my buddy Kate’s birthday. DSCF9589

I have set a goal to get five more heli days before the season is out. I will be putting in more hours waiting at the “stump” so more photos are sure to come. Happy Shreddin


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