Mike Wiegele Helicopter skiing: New jobs, new mountains!

February 18, 2014


Our winter employment brought us to Blue River B. C to work with Mike Wiegele’s Helicopter skiing. I have been recruited to sling drinks behind the bar in the Silver Buckle Lounge and Michael is moving and shaking in and out of chalets as a houseman/keeper. It has always been a dream of ours to go heli snowboarding and what better way then to do it for free as an employee! Mike and I started the season in November in this small town of 150 locals and 150 staff and had no idea what adventures lie ahead of us.


Here is our first day watching the 212 helicopter landing on the heli pad. Some weeks there are up to ten choppers going in to the air at a time. It is an intense experience to get blasted with snow as they land and take off outside the resort. DSCF9399  DSCF9427 DSCF9431We got settled into our tiny hotel room with mini kitchen, better known as the Blue River Condominiums.  Better accommodations then we have had for a long time, lol. The best part about our room is the view of the Monashee mountains as the sunsets and they turn pink and purple. With the Caribou Mountains on our other side, we have countless views to take in.


MW has access to 1.2 million acres of mountain terrain, which is more then all the ski resorts in North America combined! Nested into the valley between the Monashees and the Caribou Mountains gives the guides and pilots access to thousands of fresh lines everyday!



Blue River is a winter wonderland. It snows straight down here most of the time so all the roofs, cars, posts etc have tall snow mushrooms on them if they are not maintained. We have not had too much cold weather but it did rain with thunder and lightning in December!mw23 We have access to a yoga studio that is only used for two hours a day before and after the heli’s go out. It has basically become a private studio for Michael and I and we have both started teaching classes for the staff in our free time. We also have access to a full gym, hot tub and sauna!


The main lodge is spectacular lit up at night. DSCF9333

The area around Blue River is full of waterfalls, National Parks and wildlife! We have had a chance to visit Jasper and the ice field glaciers along with this sick half frozen waterfallDSCF9381 DSCF9421The winter is shaping up to be full of new experiences with great new friends and hopefully lots of riding. More to come about our imminent helicopter adventures…….



One Response to “Mike Wiegele Helicopter skiing: New jobs, new mountains!”

  1. Eric Musick said

    That’s looks awesome you two. Man your pretty lucky to be living it up! Love the pics and explanation Nas. Keep em coming. I ALWAYS look forward to your blogs. Great stuff. Lots of hugs & kisses. Eric, Chris, Mason & Félix!!!

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