Tribute to Elvis

December 27, 2013


It is with a heavy heart that we write a post to tribute The King. On a routine drive into Kelowna this October, Michael and I rolled end over end into the ditch due to lose front steering. It was a terrifying experience that left us thankful to be alive but unfortunately the king lost his life saving ours. Elvis was completely crushed along the drivers side including having his roof rack removed and all his windows but two smashed out. Michael was pinned for 45 minutes and had to be cut out of the drivers seat. Thankfully we have sustained no lasting injuries and have bought ourselves a POS Ford Bronco to get around. It was a climactic end to an outstanding vehicle, friend and our house! for the last two years. IMG_4108

No vehicle can ever replace Elvis. After a 45, 000 km road trip taking us through 8 countries, across rivers, over mountains, across volcanoes and though every weather condition known to man, we will always remember him and have a special place in our hearts for Toyota Landcruisers. This post is for Elvis. Thanks for always being classy, breaking down with style if you had to and most of all saving our lives. We will think of our memories with you often, in the sand dunes of Oregon, the deserts of Mexico, the jungle roads in Belize, down in the bayou  in Louisiana and the red sands of PEI. RIP buddy.IMG_4334 IMG_4523 IMG_5188 IMG_4765 IMG_4767 IMG_6572 IMG_6716_2 IMG_6730 IMG_5288 IMG_5638 IMG_5670 DCIM100GOPRO IMG_6039 IMG_6048 IMG_6155


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