Vineyard Living

November 27, 2013


During our cherry picking career we heard alot about grape picking in the fall. We got the scoop on the good the bad and the ugly. Better money then cherries, harder work and near freezing temperatures….couldn’t be that bad, could it? We decided to head to West Kelowna on a tip from a friend and got hooked up at an amazing family owned vineyard and winery called Little Straw Vineyards. We set up camp right in the middle of the grape rows and were on stand by for when they needed grapes picked.dscf8983.jpgDSCF8987

We had amazing views of the valley, lake, mountains, vineyards and horse stables all around us. The work turned out to be tough but it sure is rewarding seeing 800 pounds of grapes that you picked all by hand. I will never look at a glass of wine the same again! We had the opportunity to pick a few varieties and some are tougher then others, i.e Foch!! You sure get sticky and icky picking certain varieties and at times it looked like you had blood splattered all over your face and body!


A big Thank You to all Slamka family, Tim, Pete, Tina, Trevor and Mr. & Mrs. S for making our stay so enjoyable and wining and dining us in the restaurant. Luckily I was able to join the restaurant team for a couple weeks during wine fest. It was a lot of fun learning about the entire wine operation and I actually learnt more about wine here, then in my entire serving career. Thanks to Pete for being our surrogate “poppa” and making sure we always had a warm place to sleep and good wine to drink. DSCF9015

These stylish folks are Michael, myself, Robyn and Jenna, Aka Grape Slashers 2013! Some memorable moments from our season were the home made apple pie that Jenna and I constructed and baked in Robyn’s van oven, flipping our truck and almost dying (I’ll save that for the next story), our crazy spontaneous late night vineyard sing-a-long to Queen (which we got in a little trouble for) and our amazing dinner up at the restaurant. DSCF9036Would I ever pick grapes again? Well that is a good question! It is a great experience and I wouldn’t give it up for anything but in the future I might stick to selling and drinking the wine as apposed to being on the other side of the operation!


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  1. Eric said

    Happy bday Mike! Call me back when u get a chance u ol sob!!

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