Rage on the Water: Outfunya!

November 14, 2013


After finishing our season in Oyama we were in need of some R&R and headed down to the Shuswap area to visit our family friends Dan and Linda Keats. We ended up being at the right place at the right time for the first annual OutFunYa houseboating trip. The crew that signed up for three days of non stop party’n were from all over Canada but had one thing in common, they were there to up the standards on Xtreme house boating!DSCF8904

We were lucky enough to have two live Dj’s on the roof party and our very own personal chef, Aaron Lee!”. Thanks for cooking an awesome spread Aaron and letting us sleep in your “cupboard!”  We had nothing to think about or do other then have a great time! The shananagans were endless, costumes, wigs, blow up floaties, games, dance offs, water ballon fights  and much much more. DSCF8888 DSCF8882 DSCF8873 DSCF8871 DSCF8866 DSCF8860 DSCF8858 DSCF8856 DSCF8854 DSCF8853 DSCF8849 DSCF8847 DSCF8845 DSCF8843 DSCF8831 DSCF8830 DSCF8822swap1 swap2

The 2012 crew deserves an OutFunYA 10 outta 10 for their performance on the water! Next years line up will be even bigger and better!  



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